September Newsletter

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We haven’t been as lucky with the weather in September but the school certainly hasn’t been any quieter.

Well done to the following students for passing ground exams:

  • Ian Hollingsworth – IMC written
  • Paul Jones – IMC written
  • Pedram Arefi – Air Law and Operational Procedures
  • Clive Haughton – Human Performance and Communications
  • Martin Pratley – Air Law
  • David Woodward – Communications and Human Performance

HelAir had an Apache visit from Middle Wallop and those at the school were lucky enough to have their photos taken with this impressive machine.


The airport organised a Powder-Puff fly in day on Saturday 28th September which was held at Staverton Flying School, offering female pilots landing at Gloucestershire free landing fees which would be donated to Fly2Help along with afternoon tea. The day was successful and over £250 was raised for Fly2Help, we would like to thank all of those who were involved and attended the day.


PPL students often ask what they can do once they get their PPL licence. An example of this is Paul Jones who recently went to New York and explains the kind of cool things you can do with a PPL (with a conversion to an FAA license):

‘We flew down the Hudson river from Westchester County Airport (KHPN) to the Statue of Liberty in a C172SP with G1000 glass cockpit. It was a very interesting flight – lots of traffic around (especially helicopters) and very busy on the radio. I also had to pass an exam for the NY SFRA (Special Flight Rules Area) beforehand. I was sensible enough to take a local instructor but it still counted as P1/S time (in command, but under supervision) for the logbook.’



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