August 2013

Carol's First Solo

Wow, another busy month for everyone at SFS with thanks to plenty of good weather at last.

Rowland Slatter kicked off the month by completing his Licence Skills Test, congratulations to him. Now on a roll, Rowland is also converting onto the Cessna 172 and starting his IMC training soon. We would also like to congratulate Richard Clark on passing his Licence Skills Test whilst on his break from University over the summer.

Tom Leakey First Solo

Alex Busby's First Solo

Alex Bubsy's First Solo






David Woodward's First Solo

Kevin Bennett's First Solo

Kevin Bennett's First Solo








We extend our congratulations to Alex, Tom Leakey, David Woodward and Kevin Bennett who have all completed their first solo flights, an unforgettable milestone, well done!

With the new changes to the ground exams commencing from the 1st September, many of the students were able to get ahead and pass the following exams:

  • Gerald Reeves – Air Law
  • Kevin Bennett – Human Performance and Communications
  • Tom Leakey – Air Law
  • Richard Clark – Flight Planning and Performance and Aircraft Technical
  • David Woodward – Air Law
  • Mark Gwilt – Navigation
  • Lee Williams – Flight Performing and Planning

Some of you may have noticed that Carol Vorderman has been learning to fly at the school and on Wednesday 21st August she successfully completed her first solo flight, live on This Morning’s programme. We send our warm congratulations to her.  You can catch up on Carol’s solo flight and photos of the day on the SFS Facebook page.

Carol's First Solo

We wish Carol all the best for the rest of her training.






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