IMC Rating - learn to fly in the clouds or low visibility

IMC Rating

For cloud and low visibility conditions

This rating is suitable if you already have your PPL and would like to be able to fly in IMC (in cloud or low visibility) conditions in the UK only.

To complete this rating you will need at least 15 hours training of instrument flying with an instructor in a suitably equipped dual control aeroplane. The course covers the following; Instrument Attitude Flight on full and partial panel, Radio Navigation Aids, Let Down & Approach Procedures and Bad Weather Circuits. There is also a written exam; tuition for this is covered by ground school.

The total hours required to pass this rating will vary depending on the student’s experience and aptitude.

Fees for IMC training:

  • Cessna 152 - £240.00 / hour includes 1 landing

  • Cessna 172 – £260.00/ hour includes 1 landing

  • IMC Landing £5.00

  • Missed IFR Approach £15.00


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