October Newsletter

Clive Haughton's First Solo

Success in the air kicked off with both Paul Jones and Ian Hollingsworth achieving their IMC rating and on the same day, congratulations to them both.

Clive Haughton took to the skies for his first solo flight and with the beaming smile he had once he had returned, it’s safe to say Clive won’t be forgetting that moment in any hurry – well done Clive!

Clive Haughton's First Solo

Congratulations to those who have passed ground exams in October:

  • Freddie Atac – Air Law and Human Performance
  • David Woodward – Meteorology
  • Alex Busby – Meteorology and Communications
  • Jamie Turner – IMC written
  • Adam Knights – IMC written

With the clocks going back we have now started night flying. If you wish to start your night rating please do get in touch.

The airport is holding an Airmanship Evening next Tuesday, 12th November at 19:30. This informative evening of presentations, anecdotes and discussions will be of benefit for both those learning to fly and those with experience. The evening is free but a suggested donation of £5 in aid of Fly2Help will be welcomed. Kim Hampshire will be one of the speakers and hopes to see some of you there!



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