June News

Judith Wordsworth

How quickly another month has passed us by, but not without its fair share of news and achievements from our students.

Our first congratulations must go to Duncan Stephenson who after finishing his skills test has now gained his PPL, great news!

We’ve also had two successes in the ground school exams with Adam Knights passing both his Navigation and Technical tests, and Craig Parker securing his Human Performance and Limitations exam. Well done to both of them.

It seems that Halfpenny Green is the destination of choice in June; Frank Lauriello, Peter Paul and Dominic Collier have all been out on PPL trips there. In addition, and after a long wait for suitable weather conditions, Judith Wordsworth flew out to visit White Waltham with Kathryn, our Chief Flying Instructor. You can see a photo of Judith with our aircraft G-MT above.

We’re also delighted to share news from one of our former PPL students, Ian Hollingsworth. He took a trip out to Turweston where he collected his new Robin Alpha 160A aircraft, which can be seen looking very impressive in the photo above. Shortly afterwards he completed his first solo flight, which we’re sure will be the beginning of a long list of future flights. Happy flying Ian! We’ll be looking out for you around the Gloucestershire airways and of course we’ll see lots more of your new plane in its new home – the hangar next to the school.

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Until next time…

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