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Night Qualification - learn to fly at night time

May has been another busy month at Staverton Flying School and thankfully we’ve had our fair share of good weather, enabling us to do lots more of what we love.

All our students have been progressing well and so there are congratulations in order for many of them.

Alan Tague went out on his first solo flight, and after a long wait for suitable weather conditions Duncan Stephenson achieved his qualifying cross country flight to Cardiff and Halfpenny Green, well done to both of them.

We’ve also had three students go on PPL trips; Bob Mulkerrin went out to Halfpenny Green, David Locke flew to Wellesbourne and Derek Greenaway went out on a sightseeing trip to Haverfordwest.

To add to all those flying achievements we’ve also have several students pass their ground school exams; Bob Pearce passed his Air Law, Adam Knights successfully achieved his Aircraft Technical exam and Alan Tague got his Communications qualification. Congratulations to all of them.

Some other exciting news for two of our other students too; Chris Hunt and Chris Armitage, accompanied by Graeme Nisbet, have flown out in our BEZO aircraft to Pansanger to collect their new TB10 aircraft. No doubt they will be busy having fun flying in their new plane of the coming months. We look forward to seeing them around the Gloucestershire airways soon!

Well, that’s about it for this month. As always we’re excited for more flying in June and will be busy with both our current students and those who come to experience trial flights. We also have the Gloucestershire Airport Charity Open Day to look forward on Sunday, 3rd July. We’ll have a stand there, so if you make it along please come and say hello.

Finally don’t forget, if you know someone who is currently learning or would like to experience a flight in light aircraft then why not check out our website where you can purchase both trial flying lesson vouchers as well as gift vouchers towards tuition fees.

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