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Kathryn Williams - Owner and Chief Flying Instructor 

Kathryn Williams

Owner & Chief Flying Instructor

Kathryn gained her PPL qualification in 1989 at Birmingham Airport. Since then her passion for flying has gone from strength to strength, gaining a Twin IR, Commercial Pilots Licence and Instructor Rating. Recently Kathryn was able to realise a dream of owning a flying school which provides individual tailored tuition, enabling students to fully develop their potential.

Jennie Lyons Flying Instructor 

Jennie Lyons

Flying Instructor & Examiner

Jennie has been actively involved in the aviation industry for over 40 years, during which time she has owned and managed her own school. After learning to fly she gained her instructors rating in 1975 and is both a Flight Examiner and Radiotelephony Examiner. With such a huge amount of experience, of both flying and teaching, Jennie enjoys a high success rate with her students.

Dave Houghton Staverton Flying School Instructor 

Dave Houghton

Flying Instructor

Dave started flying in 1985 and holds a CPL ME IR. He has been flying from Gloucester Airport for over 20 years. With a background in engineering Dave has been involved in several homebuilt and restoration projects.

Having worked full time in Aviation for the last 13 years he has had the opportunity to fly, and work on, many different types of aircraft. When he isn’t flying, or instructing, Dave spends time building his (75% scale) World War II replica P51 Mustang which he hopes to have flying by 2015 .

Richard Thwaites 

Richard Thwaites

Flying Instructor

Richard has been involved with aircraft equipment engineering and manufacturing for more than 35 years and learned to fly with Staverton Flying School, gaining his PPL in 1997. After several years of private flying he studied for a JAR CPL in 2005 and gained his Instructor Rating the following year. Richard owns and operates a 1944 vintage Boeing ‘Stearman’ biplane, for which he holds a Display Authorisation from the CAA, and a SOCATA TB21 touring aircraft; both of which are kept on the Gloucestershire airfield. So it’s fair to say flying is much more than a job to Richard.

Jonathan Allan 

Jonathan Allan

Flying Instructor

Jonathan learnt to fly 1999, completing his PPL. He then went on to gain a CPL, multi engine instrument rating and instructor rating. With over 10 years instructing experience, Jonathan can instruct PPL, IMC/IR(R), night rating and tailwheel.

In 2013 Jonathan became an examiner, allowing him to conduct PPL skill tests, proficiency checks and IMC/IR(R) tests.

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