June 2013 Newsletter

At last some good weather and members at Staverton Flying School have had a successful month flying in June.  This has meant students were able to make good progress. Rowland Slatter had a successful trip to Halfpenny Green, next step, his cross country qualifier.

There was also plenty of success on the ground in June,  with exams taken and passed by:

  • Rowland Slatter – The Aeroplane Technical
  • Jace Clarke – Communications and Meteorology
  • Alex Busby – Air Law and Human Performance
  • Lee Williams – Communications and Human Performance

    Starting to learn young!! Photo of Owen with his Dad Jeremy

The instructors have also been very busy with Trial Lessons in June, encouraging potential new students. Steve Evans was particularly enthusiastic about his trial lesson with Al Cleaver and Jeremy’s son Owen enjoyed having his photos taken in BEZO after his flight with Kim, they’re starting young!

Steve Evans with BIMT






A reminder to all students and PPL’s that Staverton Flying School’s Summer BBQ is being held at the School this Saturday 6th July at 7pm. Partners Welcome. Please RSVP to info@stavertonflyingschool.co.uk


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