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Congratulations Clive!

Despite a slow start in 2015 weather wise there has been plenty of success on the ground, exams passed so far this year:

  • Simon Shearburn – Communications and Human Performance
  • Sam Williams – Communications and Human Performance
  • Clive Gardner – Air Law and Operational Procedures
  • Gerald Reeves – Communications
  • Martin Wintle – Communications
  • Pedram Arefi – Aircraft General, Flight Performance and Planning and Navigation
  • Jerry Hannaford – Air Law and Operational Procedures

Congratulations to Clive Gardner for completing his first solo flight! After joining the school in December, Clive is keen to have his PPL by early summer.

Congratulations Clive!

SFS are organising two fly away days this year again to Aero Expo and Duxford. We plan to visit Aero Expo in Sywell on Sunday 31st May 2015 for the third day of the event. Then in July a trip to Duxford on Sunday 26th July 2015 (with back-up dates on Sunday 2nd or 9th August).

Please contact the office on 01452 712388 if you are interested and for more information to book your place!

New charts – current 5th March 2015 -┬áDon’t forget to buy your new 1/2 mill chart next time you are in the school!

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