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NEW to Staverton Flying School! We’re delighted to now offer the opportunity to take a step back in time and experience a trial flight in a Vintage Stearman Biplane. These open-cockpit planes were used to train pilots during World War 2, including many thousands of British pilots who were trained in the USA after mid 1941 under the training scheme devised by General ‘Hap’ Arnold.

The aircraft at our school left the production line in early May 1944 and was taken on charge by the US Army on May 17th of that year. During its first year of service it was posted at various US locations until on 7th July 1945 it was assigned to Minter Field in California. Its last flight with the US Army was on June 7th 1946 with a total service time of 852 hours.

After a period of very little use it was finally restored to its former glory in 1982 and continued to fly in the US. Then in 1991 it was exported to the UK and has been flying here ever since.

These vintage trial flights are set up in the same way as those offered in our regular planes but instead of getting inside the plane cabin you’ll be climbing into the open-cockpit, where the 9 cylinder, 225hp Lycoming engine will be fired up!

We’ll produce a personalised voucher and the flight can be booked from Tuesday to Saturday, at a time of your convenience. You can buy vouchers right here on our website, call us to purchase vouchers over the phone or if you want to see the school for yourself then why not pop in to see us. We accept cash, cheques and credit & debit cards.

Once you’ve booked the trial flight you can access the voucher (either via our website or by post), plus some general information relevant to the type of flight, details of our facilities and how to find us.

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    Our flight prices are an all inclusive cost; there will be no additional hidden fees for anything such as briefing time, landings, aircraft hire or fuel surcharges.

    *There will be a briefing in addition to lesson times.

    *If you are over 15 stones please call for prices

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